I’m Shelley Krehbiel, a small town, Idaho girl who gave up small-town life and an awesome corporate job to live life on the road doing new things daily.

Just a girl with a dream. J/K, that’s so not me.  I’m a doer, I get a crazy idea that I can’t let go of and I make it happen, or at least I try.  I have stories to tell and people to encourage and I’m here to help you live your best life.  I’m not a coach, but I’ll help you, if you want to help yourself.  I believe the Universe listens and delivers, I believe in generosity and I believe in happy.

Here’s what I am, I am a worker bee, a writer, an author, an editor, a copywriter, a hotelier, an event promoter, an accountant, a skincare professional, an entrepreneur.  Here’s what I’m not, I’m not a fashionista, an influencer, a banker, a decor professional, an imposter (that one’s for me…hello, imposter syndrome).  I think integrity is classy, I live my life out loud and think if you want a change, you can effect that change.

Most of all, I’m a girl (in the mature sense of the word) who loves to teach and try new things.  On occasion I will inspire you, but I don’t motivate well.  I do.  So, let’s get doing.

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