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Week 16 – Talking to your Partner about Money

Talking to your Partner about Money There are not many topics that can create distress in a relationship, quite like money can. Disagreements can arise about how to spend, what to spend it on, what bills are necessities, how to use credit cards, when to use them – there are [...]

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Week 15 – Credit Scores

Credit Scores Each of us has a unique credit score; somewhere between 300 and 850 is a number that affects the price you pay for things. It’s not a government thing; there are three credit bureaus – Experian, TransUnion, and Equifax. They all do similar things; however, each has a [...]

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Week 14 – Insurance

Insurance Different stages of our lives require different insurances. I use “require” lightly here, these are always choices, but something to consider depending on your age and assets. Insurance is used to mitigate risk. If you can handle the risk, either financially or mentally, the choice is always yours. Health [...]

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Week 13 – Preparing for Taxes

TAXES!  The bane of our existence.  We all do our best to ONLY pay our fair share – and I believe that to be the right way to do that.  Taxes are necessary in our lives; they provide for the public good, but preparing to do our taxes seems like [...]

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Week 12 – Charitable Giving

Money makes the world go round – but maybe not in the way you’re thinking. For every problem in the world, someone is trying to fix it. Many use the for-profit approach; they start a business and try to sell you the solution. Others are working from a non-profit approach; [...]

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Week 11 – Real Estate Investing

Real Estate Investing Like the old joke goes, “buy land; it’s not like they’re making more of it!” I’m a firm believer in real estate. Even my most hare-brained investments have eventually paid off. It may not have been in the timeline I had in mind, but it almost always [...]

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Week 10 – Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency – this is an opinion piece Let me start with – I’m not a fan. I know that’s an unpopular opinion, a lot of my friends are making money in cryptocurrency, but I just can’t wrap my head around the concept. That’s not because it’s new, I’ve been studying [...]

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Week 9 – Investments

Investments are one of my favorite topics. It’s where my opportunity junkie gets to shine. The official definition of investment is the action or process of investing money for profit or material result. That’s a little different from my definition. An investment is investing money in something that should grow [...]

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Week 8 – Estate Planning

Estate Planning Estate planning sounds like a topic for someone older, but surprise! It’s for everyone. Estate planning is more than just determining who gets your stuff when you die: it’s identifying beneficiaries, it’s setting guardianship for minor children, it’s avoiding excess taxes. It’s all of that and more. Every [...]

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Week 7 – Calculating Expenses in Retirement

There is always a lot of conversation about saving money for retirement, but talk about how much you need tends to fall in big sweeping percentages or large numbers that may feel unattainable today. It used to be that $1 million was the cool number, now they’ve increased that – [...]

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Week 6 – Social Security Benefits

The debates about Social Security run loud and long. The first is whether or not it will even be available to you when you retire – no doubt you’ve seen the headlines that say it will bankrupt in 2030 or before. My suggestion is to ignore those and continue to [...]

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Week 5 – The IRA and its place in Retirement

The IRA and its Place in Retirement Once you’ve maxed out your employer 401(k) Plan – it’s time to move on to IRAs. There are two kinds – the traditional IRA that has been around for decades, and the ROTH IRA, which has been available since 1998. The two have [...]

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Week 4 – Saving for Retirement

Employer-based Retirement Savings Depending on the era you were born, retirement savings has evolved. It’s likely your parents had a pension to rely on. All of mine do, and I’m so thankful for that. A pension combined with Social Security and you can practically guarantee a level of comfort. The [...]

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Week 3 – Balance Sheet Accounting to Track Success

Week 3 – Balance Sheet Accounting to Track Success Balance Sheets don’t sound very sexy until you see the bottom line. That’s where the appeal comes in. Knowing your net worth is motivating. You may not be a millionaire yet, but the best way to find out is to have [...]

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Week 2A – Paying Down Debt

We’re calling this 2A because everyone doesn’t need this lesson.  This is specifically for people who have too much debt that you’d like to pay down.  Having debt is not inherently bad; having a high percentage of debt can be.  It affects your credit scores; it affects your ability to [...]

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Week 2: Budgeting my Life

Part 2: Budgeting My Life Keeping track of your money is one of the hardest things we do as adults. It can slip through our fingertips so easily, and that seems ok if you have enough of it – but it’s really not.  Spending without intention doesn’t build wealth.   Intention [...]

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Week 1 – Introduction to Money Mindset

Part 1 – Introduction to Money Mindset   **This is a BETA Course**  That means it isn’t perfect; I’m still learning and polishing as I go. Your Feedback is important – both from where I go wrong to where I get it right. Please share, criticism is part of the [...]

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Money Tools Workshop

The Money Tools Workshop will be dripped out each week – you can find new content here:          Week 1 – Introduction to Money Mindset – Published 5/3/21 9:30 a.m. Pacific        Week 2 – Budgeting my Life – Published 5/10/21 9:30 a.m. Pacific   [...]

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What do you need right now?

Maslow’s hierarchy says we start with our Basic Needs – we need food in our bellies and a roof over our heads. If we add safety and security on top of that, we’ve met our basic needs. Think of it as the minimum requirements for a good life. Without those, [...]

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Airbnb adds Experiences

The Gig Economy Airbnb has become a household word used to describe travel, the gig economy, and a room shared. Some have not experienced Airbnb, mainly because they aren’t sure what it is. We started using Airbnb a few years ago when we became hosts; our boutique hotel fit the [...]

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State of the Union

Some of us are really good at giving advice – I have a knack for looking at where you are, listening to your words, and being able to layout your next strategy. I swear it is all those years of problem-solving in my career. But every coach needs a coach, [...]

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How do you learn?

We all have our own learning styles.  I find that I learn best by teaching.  I can investigate, explore, challenge ideas on my own, but until I take the time to explain it to someone else, I won’t really get it. In various places I hang out online, they call [...]

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