How do you learn?

We all have our own learning styles.  I find that I learn best by teaching.  I can investigate, explore, challenge ideas on my own, but until I take the time to explain it to someone else, I won’t really get it.

In various places I hang out online, they call this “authority content” – it’s the pieces you put out in the world to establish your authority.  I think that’s a bunch of bs most days.  I’ll tell you who I am, what I’ve learned and why it matters.  I am no authority, none of us are.  Do I know more about some topics than you do?  Probably, but that doesn’t make me an authority or an expert.  I have an insatiable thirst for knowledge.  Instead of watching tv, I learn stuff.  Some things I master, others remain a mystery, maybe I’m the reason they coined the phrase “just enough to be dangerous.”  That’s kind of who I am.

I won’t tell you how to think, there are enough pundits out there doing that, but I might tell you how I think, and then I’ll try to share why.


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