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State of the Union

Some of us are really good at giving advice – I have a knack for looking at where you are, listening to your words, and being able to layout your next strategy. I swear it is all those years of problem-solving in my career.

But every coach needs a coach, right?

Because when we look in the mirror, sometimes we find we are too close to the problem we want to solve, and it’s tough to get out of our own way. It’s why you feel stuck. It’s why I feel stuck.

Several times a year, I find myself doubting – wondering what I have to offer that is different than everyone else – then I hear the words I spout to others.

  • Your voice is different
  • it is uniquely you
  • it’s ok that someone else said it first
  • you say it differently.

It’s like a shot heard ’round the world for me. Oh, are you talking to me?

Because whatever you’re thinking about putting out in the world today, remember:

You are enough.

You have enough skill.

You care enough.

You have enough knowledge.

You have air in your lungs and a beat in your heart.

You can do all the things.

Just remember to do something, ANYTHING, that moves you forward, #everydamnday

That’s my motto – my “overnight” success plan. #everydamnday

If I do something every day that moves me forward, instead of only once per week, I have 7x my productivity. Some days I have time and energy for twelve hours, others it’s only twelve minutes – but I still grab those twelve minutes and do one thing.


Rich and I had our State of the Union conversation last night – it’s our quarterly review, but the Union we talk about is our partnership – marriage and work both. It’s not a real formal thing, but it’s necessary. Since we work and live together 24/7, we don’t always share everything as it happens, and because we’re busy working, we don’t talk about what’s next. So we started with our wins –

– We bought a boat

– I designed my first t-shirts by myself on Adobe Illustrator

– we produced two issues of 4Low Magazine

– I took four art classes

– We had conversations with great friends

– I launched my newsletter

– We celebrated the first anniversary of his podcast

Then we talked about finances – always a good topic for a husband and wife. Next was a conversation about what’s next. We talked through each business and where it was, and what it needed. Each is different, so each has a different set of unique issues and needs. Now it’s time to add a plan to meet each of those head-on.

If you haven’t had a State of the Union in your household, now’s a good time – remind each other what you bring to the table, celebrate your wins, plan your next few months. It’s important to share your successes and celebrate those.

I’ve got a Printable available for your own “State of the Union” convo with your Partner – go ahead and grab it HERE

How do you learn?

We all have our own learning styles.  I find that I learn best by teaching.  I can investigate, explore, challenge ideas on my own, but until I take the time to explain it to someone else, I won’t really get it.

In various places I hang out online, they call this “authority content” – it’s the pieces you put out in the world to establish your authority.  I think that’s a bunch of bs most days.  I’ll tell you who I am, what I’ve learned and why it matters.  I am no authority, none of us are.  Do I know more about some topics than you do?  Probably, but that doesn’t make me an authority or an expert.  I have an insatiable thirst for knowledge.  Instead of watching tv, I learn stuff.  Some things I master, others remain a mystery, maybe I’m the reason they coined the phrase “just enough to be dangerous.”  That’s kind of who I am.

I won’t tell you how to think, there are enough pundits out there doing that, but I might tell you how I think, and then I’ll try to share why.


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